(1) Open Monochrome (PIDM)
(2) Open Colour (PIDC)
(3) Nature (ND)
(4) Photo Travel (PTD)
(5) Photo Journalism (PJD)

(6) Street (PIDM)

(7) People (PIDC)

(8) Wildlife (ND)

(9) Architecture & Landscape (PTD)

(10) Human Interest(PJD)


Closing Date:  3rd May 2021
Judging: 10th May 2021 - 24th May 2021
Result:  7th June 2021
Awards:  30th August 2021
Catalogue: 10th August 2021

Our Judges

Swapan Mukherjee EFIAP, FFIP
Sharmali Das EFIAP/g, GMPSA
Soumesh Roy EFIAP, EPSA
Tapan Kumar Das EFIAP
Abir Das EFIAP
Nupur Kumar Roy EFIAP/b
Dipankar Dasgupta EFIAP/b
Koshal Basu PPSA, EFIAP/b
Basudev Maity EFIAP

Image Specifications

Maximum Height 1080px
Maximum Width 1920px
Resolution 300ppi
Maximum Filesize 2MB

Entry Fees

Any 2 Sections $24 (USD) or Rs. 1700/-
Each Additional Sections $7 (USD) or Rs. 500/-

ONLY Indian Participants may use payment button below


in each section

PSA Gold
Serene Summers Gold

Serene Summers Gold

Serene Summers Gold
Serene Summers Silver

Serene Summers Silver
Serene Summers Bronze
Chairman's Choice

Digital Diploma

Digital Diploma

Digital Diploma


1. IMAGE AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: This exhibition is open to anyone; however,

an entry may be rejected when the Sponsor or the Exhibition Organizers, in their

reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to exhibition rules and these

Conditions of Entry. Membership in any photographic organization is not required.

2. Sanctions: Entries will not be accepted from any entrant who is currently sanctioned

by PSA.

3. PSA Star Ratings: To receive proper Star ratings credit from PSA, entrants must

provide their names and country exactly the same in each exhibition. Aliases are not

permitted. Please contact PSA in the event of name changes or relocating to another


4. Image Creation: Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects

via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally.

5. Certification: By virtue of submitting an image, the entrant certifies the work as his

or her own. Images may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else (for

example: clip art, images or art by others downloaded from the Internet). Aliases are not

allowed. The entrant permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered

material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition.

This may include low resolution posting on a website. Note: Entrants who indicate that

their images may not be reproduced or used “will not be eligible for awards” or inclusion

in audio-visuals of the exhibition “and could be subject to disqualification” by the

exhibition sponsors. The exhibition assumes no liability of any misuse of copyright.

6. Alteration and Computer Generation: Subject to Divisional restrictions (particularly

Nature, Photo Travel, and Photojournalism) images may be altered, either electronically

or otherwise, by the maker. Adjustments to enhance images or creatively modify images

are allowed providing the underlying photograph is retained in a way that is obvious to

the viewer. Images may not be constructed entirely with a computer, and must be the

sole work of the author. All parts of the image have to be photographed by the author

who is holding the copyright of all works submitted.

7. Re-use of accepted images: Once an image has been accepted in a PSA

Recognized exhibition, any identical image, or near identical image, may not, in future,

be entered or re-entered in any section of the same Division Star Ratings class in that

exhibition regardless of media, format, or title; may not be re-titled for entry into any

other PSA Recognized exhibition, including translation into another language.

8. Entry: An Entry consists of, up to and including, four (4) images entered by a single

Entrant into the same Section. An entrant may only enter a specific Section once.

9. Titles: Each image must have a unique title. That unique title must be used for entry

of that image or of an Identical Image into any and all PSA-Recognized exhibitions.

Titles must be 35 characters or fewer. No titles may be visible to the judges, and nothing

in the image may identify the maker. Titles must not include file extensions such as .jpg

or .jpeg (or any other camera capture filenames), or words such as "untitled" or "no

title". Titles may not consist solely of numbers.

10. Color and Monochrome: Color and Monochrome images from the same capture that share substantial pictorial content in common will be considered the same image and must be given the same title.

However, PSA members working on Galaxy and Diamond Star Ratings are allowed to continue using different titles of monochrome versions and color versions of the same capture that have already been accepted until the required number of acceptances for those titles has been completed.

rounds of judging in that section. Distribution of images will be in the same round order as submitted by the entrant.

An image may be entered in only one section where acceptances of that image in multiple sections would be eligible for the same star path



By entering this exhibition, you are explicitly consenting to the personal details you have supplied, including email addresses, being held, processed and used by the exhibition organizers for purposes associated with this exhibition. You also explicitly consent to such information being sent to organizations that have accorded official recognition, patronage or accreditation to this exhibition. You acknowledge and accept that entering this exhibition means that the status and results of your entry may be made public.


Breaches of Rules

In order to ensure that images comply with the Conditions of Entry and definitions, the exhibition organizers may carry out reasonable measures to verify that:

a) The images are the original work of the entrant and

b) The images comply with the rules and definitions as set out in these Conditions of Entry

These steps include, but are not limited to, questioning any entrant, requiring the submission of RAW files or other digital files representing the original capture of the submitted image(s), confronting the entrant with evidence that one or more submitted images fails to comply with the Conditions of Entry (also known as Entry Rules), and offering the entrant a reasonable opportunity to provide counter evidence to refute the exhibition organizer’s evidence by a set deadline. Such entries that are not cleared or are still questionable after the entrant has presented evidence may be considered in breach of these Conditions of Entry, and declined. Such entries may be referred to PSA for further investigation of possible ethics violations

PSA retains the right to investigate in any way all complaints/suspicions of breaches of entry conditions, impose sanctions if deemed necessary, void the acceptances of any

image found to violate the PSA rules, include the entrant’s name on the list of sanctions provided to Exhibitions, and share such investigations with FIAP. Entrants automatically agree to these terms by the act of entering the Exhibition and agree to cooperate with any investigation.

If another party is submitting images on the entrant’s behalf, the entrant will still be held responsible for adhering to these Conditions of Entry (Entry Rules) and will be subject to sanction for any violations to these Conditions of Entry and PSA’s Statement of Ethics that may result.


Notices to entrants:

When an entrant fills in the Entry Form to submit an entry the entrant will see a feature to affirm that he or she has read these Conditions of Entry when he or she fills out the entry form. If the entrant does not so affirm the entry will not be submitted.



1. All final work must be on electronic file.

2. Three judges will do the judging for every category. Judging of images will be done remotely and judges will view the images in their own monitors.

3. Judges decision is final. Acceptances in each section will qualify for star ratings of PSA .

4. All Jury members and Salon Committee members will not participate in this salon.

5. All images should be free from any watermark to be eligible for judging.

6. All entrants will have to register at the Salon site and upload their images online. Entries through E-MAIL will not be accepted. Entrants must use a single email for registration. Any attempt to register using more than one email address will disqualify the entrant. Registration problem should be notified to Webmaster and Salon Secretary.

7. Metadata of the images must be retained in ND (Nature Digital) AND PTD (Photo Travel Digital) .